Finding the Right Provider

Our over forty years of experience in PEO and payroll solutions allows us to find the right people for the job every time. We only work with providers that we have previously approved to provide the highest standards in support.

After speaking with you and formulating a business plan that is tailored to your company we get the ball rolling immediately. PEO Searcher finds the right choice from our approved providers list and speaks with them immediately about your situation. We work with the provider the entire time to ensure that you get the best price and service possible without losing any time that would be better used elsewhere.

PEO Searcher handles all of the paperwork necessary to get the process going and keep it running smoothly. We deal with all tax forms, applications, benefits and insurance paperwork so you won’t have to deal with this later. Only after we have handled all of the grunt work do we pass the provider over to your company, thus ensuring an easy and successful transition.