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What is a PEO?

Professional Employer Organization (PEO) also known as a Employee Leasing firm provides services that allow a business owner to outsource certain work to the PEO. These services can include payroll, workers’ compensation, employee benefits and even training.

PEO service providers do this by hiring employees to do the tedious work of employee management that is necessary within every business. Since the PEO is actually the hiring entity of the employees, they also handle all taxes, payroll, training and other administrative services that only burden a business owner who is trying to provide a service.

PEO Searcher is a trusted industry leader in PEO services and has over forty years of experience to ensure a company can succeed without worrying about the employee management sector of running a company.

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Focus on your Business

Focus on what Really Matters to your Business

The experts at PEO Searcher know that handling workers’ compensation costs, human resourcing and compliance, payroll and tax administration liabilities, complete benefit design and administration can be taxing on any business owner. Unfortunately we live in a world where all of these tasks are essential to a successful business.

With over forty years of experience in the PEO and payroll industries, PEO Searcher is able to handle all of the functions within a business that produce no revenue while the business owner focuses on growing his company.

PEO Searcher was founded on the principle that knowledge, experience and relationships are the very key to delivering perfect PEO solutions to our clients. We stand by this commitment to our clients every single day.

Making Running Your Business Easier

PEO Searcher has quickly become an industry leader when it comes to business PEO needs. We are one of the area’s largest and most successful providers of PEO solutions.

With over forty years experience in both PEO and payroll industries PEO Searcher has the experience and the resources that will lessen the burden that is placed on every employer.

Small to medium sized business owners usually have to handle several functions within their company that generate no revenue for them at all. PEO Searcher is able to handle and lessen the burden of these functions so that a business owner can stay focused on making money for their company.

Having been founded by a ten year member of the President’s Club at ADP, the largest payroll processing companies in the country, PEO Searcher has the leadership, management and the dedicated team necessary to make your business a success without all of the day to day headaches that other business owners go through.

Keep Control

Who’s The Boss?

PEO Searcher handles all of the business responsibilities related to employee administration, but you are still in control. You are basically in what is known as a ‘co-employment’ situation where we handle all of the paperwork and tedious work related to being the employee of record, while you handle all managerial decisions and continue to control the direction of your company.

PEO Searcher becomes your partner and helps in any way you deem necessary. We handle what you need us to, and you can still control everything you want in your own way. With over forty years of experience in PEO and payroll solutions, we literally have experts that can handle anything you throw our way.

What We Deliver!

Our Promise to You
PEO Searcher is not done with our job until we have provided the best solution to grow your company and make it more successful. Even after this point we are always available for any questions, concerns or issues that may arise.

We know that certain tasks will slow down any company.

  • Rising workers’ compensation costs.
  • Payroll and tax administration liabilities.
  • Human resource and compliance issues.
  • Complete benefit design and administration.

None of these tasks actually help a company turn a profit. PEO Searcher and our approved providers handle all of these jobs so you are free to run your business as you see fit.

Workers’ Compensation

Dealing with the rising costs of workers’ compensation is one of the more stressful and tedious tasks that a business owner will have to deal with. Any mismanaging of claims or serious accidents can be detrimental to a company. With this in mind it is important to find a PEO provider that has experience in handling this facet of the business world.

We are one of the area’s largest, most successful and most experienced providers of PEO services; this includes handling your workers’ compensation insurance needs. Dealing with workers’ compensation is one of the most complex tasks in running a business due to coding procedures, legal issues and the necessity of searching for discounted rates.

PEO Searcher will ensure your company is fully covered at a price that meets your specific needs. Since we know how the workers’ compensation system operates we can ensure the reduction of your own liability. We even provide investigation of claims which is nearly unheard of in this industry.

Properly handling all of the administrative tasks involved in the workers’ compensation system the first time will reduce headaches later on. We will manage all claims from inception to resolution, and we will make sure that the resolution is reached quickly.

Safety Training

We know that there are necessities other than administrative tasks that keep a business running. Safety is a huge concern when running a business. An unsafe work area can lead to accidents which could result in both lowered productivity and workers’ compensation claims. With that in mind we work with you to ensure you and your workers are working in the safest area possible.

We will fully evaluate the worksite, employee work habits, injury history and several other factors which could lead to accidents and let you know how to correct the issues. We even identify issues that could potentially become OSHA violations. We work diligently until a worksite is as safe as possible because a safe worksite keeps your employees working and your insurance costs low.

Payroll and Taxes

Handling payroll and taxes is an unfortunate necessity to any business. The process is time consuming and really does nothing to help grow a business. Since businesses cannot legally pay their employees under the table to make the process faster, it is important to have someone that can handle the payroll and taxes of the entire company.

PEO Searcher founder Gayle Taylor worked with the largest payroll company in America for seventeen years. During this time she worked as a sales training manager and major accounts manager for both ADP and ADP TotalSource. The employees of PEO Searcher, Gayle included, provide over forty years of experience in payroll and tax solutions.

Handling payroll and taxes yourself is doing nothing to grow your business. Letting PEO Searcher handle all of the complications of the entire system frees you up to do things that are actually going to benefit your bottom line.

Payroll Administration

Administering Payroll

Having your employees handle the payroll of your company is costing you money. You are basically paying someone to handle the paperwork that pays everyone else. Once you figure out hours worked, wages, vacation time, overtime and taxes you will have effectively completed a full time job without earning any additional income.

PEO Searcher has over forty years of combined experience in handling payroll. We will handle absolutely everything having to do with paying your employees at a fraction of the cost of hiring a new employee.

  • Disperse checks, direct deposit and debit card payments.
  • Properly assess vacation time, advances, salaries, hourly wages and any other payment structure you may have in place.
  • We properly and accurately maintain all payroll records for tax purposes.
  • Handle statements.
  • All other issues having to do with or arising from a company’s payroll.

The above list is not all inclusive. If a task has absolutely anything to do with payroll you will not have to worry about it. Our experts are trained and capable of handling all payroll needs.

Tax Administration

Handling the Taxes

We know that dealing with state and federal taxes is another task that most business owners wish they could just ignore. We have the capability to allow them to do so. Taxes must be completed correctly and to the highest standards to protect a company.

  • Handle all federal and state taxes to include FICA, SUTA and FUTA.
  • Handle all calculations and deposits of employer taxes.
  • Deal with all end of the year taxes and government forms including W-2s and any other tax forms necessary to prevent trouble from the IRS.

PEO Searcher has built its reputation on accuracy and diligence. When we handle your taxes we take on any tax liabilities that would usually fall on a business owner. We stand by our work and are willing to put ourselves on the line to prove it.

Employee Benefits

Handling benefits for all of your employees can be a long and tedious task. Getting health, life and disability insurance isn’t as easy as calling an ‘insurance store’, mostly due to the fact that such stores don’t exist.

We can get the benefits that you supply to your employees at a great rate without you having to lift a finger. Our experts handle all types of benefits.

  • Disability (long and short-term).
  • Life insurance plans.
  • Accidental death.
  • 401(k) plans.
  • Medical insurance (health, vision, dental).

With over forty years combined experience in handling benefits we know all the tricks of the trade to get your employees adequate insurance at a great price for you.

Employee Management

Managing Your Employees

Employee management involves far more than just providing safety tips and handing out paychecks every week. This task usually requires hiring an entire human resources department which can prove quite expensive. Unfortunately, without proper employee management you could end up with a lawsuit on your hands due to unhappy employees.

PEO Searcher provides all of the employee management services that a company could ever need. Letting us use our experience to handle this arduous task will minimize any liability you may face while keeping your employees as informed and happy with their jobs as possible.

  • Sexual harassment training.
  • Discrimination policies.
  • Unemployment claims and benefits.
  • Disclosure and confidentiality agreements.
  • Conflict resolution.
  • Hiring and firing processes.
  • All company policies involving personal behavior at work.
  • All company policies regarding rights of workers.
  • Employee manuals.

Most business owners never dreamt of having to handle all of the issues involving employee management when they imagined opening their own business. Luckily you don’t have to. Since our beginning in 2005 PEO Searcher has been providing companies with the best employee management services out there.

Bringing in over forty years of experience has allowed us to become one of the most trusted and reliable PEO providers in the area. Our employee management tactics will give you the time necessary to run your business while ensuring your direct liability for any possible lawsuit is minimal.

Unemployment Insurance

Unemployment Benefit Claims

Unfortunately, when a company makes the decision to get rid of an employee it is often not the last they hear of said employee. Upon getting terminated many former employees will go directly to the unemployment office in an attempt to get more money out of you with absolutely no reciprocating work.

Dealing with unemployment claims can be extremely time-consuming due to meetings and form requests from unemployment offices. We handle all necessary paperwork and research to stop former employees from unfairly taking money from you.

  • Prepare all forms and research to fight off unfair unemployment claims.
  • We handle the paperwork during the firing process that can prove an employee was at fault for their dismissal.
  • We handle unemployment insurance hearings.

Regulatory Compliance

State and Federal Regulations

Regulations put forth by the federal and state governments can cause an unnecessary strain on small and medium size business owners. These regulations can take up hundreds of man hours just to learn and ensure you are in compliance. PEO Searcher takes this burden out of your hands and makes it our own.

  • We go over all new rules and regulations to ensure your company is in compliance.
  • Help make the necessary changes if the company isn’t in compliance.
  • Handle employee records for any issues that may arise due to new regulations.
  • Ensure that your company is in compliance with all local, state and federal regulations.

Learning and enforcing regulations was not part of your dream of owning a business. PEO Searcher makes sure that it’s not part of your reality either.