Administering Payroll
Having your employees handle the payroll of your company is costing you money. You are basically paying someone to handle the paperwork that pays everyone else. Once you figure out hours worked, wages, vacation time, overtime and taxes you will have effectively completed a full time job without earning any additional income.

PEO Searcher has over forty years of combined experience in handling payroll. We will handle absolutely everything having to do with paying your employees at a fraction of the cost of hiring a new employee.

  • Disperse checks, direct deposit and debit card payments.
  • Properly assess vacation time, advances, salaries, hourly wages and any other payment structure you may have in place.
  • We properly and accurately maintain all payroll records for tax purposes.
  • Handle statements.
  • All other issues having to do with or arising from a company‚Äôs payroll.

The above list is not all inclusive. If a task has absolutely anything to do with payroll you will not have to worry about it. Our experts are trained and capable of handling all payroll needs.