What We Do

PEO Searcher is a Professional Employer Organization (PEO)
brokerage firm that provides lowest workers’ compensation,
health insurance, payroll, and HR services to companies nationwide.
We work with many different PEO’s to find the best solution for our
clients. This approach gives businesses a one stop shop for all their PEO purchasing needs. PEO’s help small to medium size businesses obtain greater purchasing power for health insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, and a bundled HR solution that typically companies cannot obtain on their own.

Our Clients Come First

We guarantee the very best pricing by shopping the most relevant PEO’s and then consult our clients about the best options for their business. We are industry professionals with many years of PEO experience and we allow our clients to continue to run their businesses while we do all the leg work to find the best solution.
Our average client sees a savings on health insurance savings over 10-15% and 20-25% on workers’ compensation insurance. The larger buying power of the PEO’s also reduce the chance of higher medical renewal rates by stabilizing health insurance and workers’ compensation insurance premiums.

How this is different from my stand alone workers compensation policy

Workers’ compensation policies in the open market can only provide state mandated rates based on your work comp codes (in most states). The premiums are then based on your gross payroll and your modifier. Most of our PEO’s manage their own risk, but also maintain their own workers’ compensation master policy. Since most PEO’s control their own workers’ compensation and health insurance underwriting for their master policy, they can dictate what premiums to charge to their clients. This is how most of our clients save money when it comes to workers compensation premiums.

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